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The universal remote control contains a library with codes that have already been pre-programmed into the remote control.

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Insert the batteries 1. Two CR batteries are included in delivery. In order to use the remote control, open the battery compartment and remove the protective paper.

Przed przeczytaniem proszę rozłożyć stronę z ilustracjami, a następnie proszę zapoznać się z wszystkimi funkcjami urządzenia. Olvasás előtt kattintson az ábrát tartalmazó oldalra és végezetül ismerje meg a készülék mindegyik funkcióját.

Button functions Some of the button assignments on some devices can vary from the functions given. Czy multi slim dziala display: The display flashes if the remote control is in operation or is on constantly when you are programming the remote control. Menu: Switches menu on. DVD mode: Select the next or previous chapter.

So, they cannot be workable at this moment. Some Digital TV functions might be unavailable in some countries or regions and DVB-C might not work correctly with some cable service providers. For more information, please contact your local Samsung customer care centre. The reception quality of TV may be affected due to differences in broadcasting method between the countries.

Exit: Switches menu OFF. Navigation buttons: Up, down, right, left. Teletext MIX: This button lets you combine teletext with the picture of your chosen programme if supported by device. OK: This button confirms a menu selection.

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  • This appliance is NOT intended for use as a component in a safety-radio facility e.
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Numbered buttons 0 - 9: These have the same function as your normal remote control. Pause teletext: This pauses teletext on a certain page. In TV mode: Fast text function coloured buttons. Czy multi slim dziala record : This button has the same function as the button on czy multi slim dziala normal remote control of your video recorder.

Fogyás elhízott időskorúak avoid errors you have to press this button twice in order to activate this function.

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INFO: This shows information about the selected device. Pressing the EXIT button takes you out of the setup mode. Set the device that you would like to control e. Press the mode button of the device you want to control and release again e.


Look in the code list for the 4-digit code of your device brand e. Expert in the relevant device group e. TVand key it in. The LED will go out after the last digit has been entered.

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If you enter an incorrect code the LED will flash for 3 seconds and then go out. Repeat this process from step 2. Your device should switch off. Check the additional functions e.

If any of the functions do not respond this shows that the code you entered is incorrect. If this happens repeat the process above with the next code that corresponds to your particular brand. If this does not work either, try using the code search method.

Switch on the device that you want to control.

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If you go past the correct code press PROG - to go back to it. If the device that you want to control responds, press OK to confirm the code. If this was the search starts at and goes up to the last possible code, and then goes back to and through to If certain functions of your device cannot be controlled you must find another code for your brand.

Automatic code search Setup with automatic code search If you are looking for an unknown code you can automatically search through the library Auto- Search.

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When your device responds you can pause the search and save the located code. Press the mode button which corresponds to the device you want to control. The LED will flash once. After a few seconds the fogyni, mit nem enni control will search through the code library quick search, 1 code per second.

Once the device responds, press the OK button to save the located code. Identifying the codes found in the search 1. To identify the first digit of the 4-digit device code press each numbered button from 0 — 9 until the LED flashes.

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The number you have pressed is the first digit of the code. Press each numbered button from 0 — 9 as described above to find the second, third and fourth digits. Once you have found the fourth digit the LED will go out. Please do not forget to write down the code!

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Volume control A Adjusting ALL volume controls under one special mode You can programme the remote control so that the volume and mute buttons control one specific device.

However, volume control must be available on the relevant device. Release the MUTE button again.

czy multi slim dziala

Press the mode button once e. Press the MUTE button again. You can programme the remote control so that the volume control works for each selected mode.

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TV, VCR, etc. Press VOL- once. Press the MUTE button and release again.

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The LED will go out. The factory settings for the volume and mute functions are now restored. Setting the date and time only for You can set the date and time using a pencil or paper clip to press the SET 9 and ENT 9 buttons under the time display. Press SET twice.

On the left-hand side of the display a number between 1 and 12 will appear for the month.